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Start with a Walk…


November 15, 2009, I’ve started “walking” again in the morning. This thing is one of those in my “procrastination” list for a very long time (say 2 years!) It’s always in my goal, but never came around it until on the 15th of Nov.

Without plan, without preparation, without further ado, I just wore my running shoes (now flaky), put my early-riser little girl Aliya on her stroller, picked up the camera, and just walked. I followed the same road to old playground at the back of the village. There, I realized how nice it is to walk again and castigated myself for not doing it so soon….

The benefits are limitless…
🙂 I have relaxed moments of thinking…
😉 it seems my mind is clearing of “cobwebs”…
😮 my nerves is calming down
🙂 i can feel i can face the day with more confidence and enthusiasm
😉 my rubber shoes are now put into use
🙂 regained “smile-back” relationship with my neighbors
😉 the air is fresh and it’s good for my lungs
😉 my belly is sweating (where I put a tight band)
😮 the physical workout is good for my heart
😉 I am working on my photo-shooting
🙂 Aliya is enjoying the scene and seen a lot of “tek-tek” (roosters)
🙂 and I love every minute with my little girl Aliya!

So, the following day, we did again… and the next day, we walked again… and so on and on….


my Aliya….


Aliya is growing up… fast… the changes maybe subtle, but it’s there! Here’s a smilebox slideshow showing her “transformation” in four months (from August to November in 2009)….

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and here's her slideshow during her 1st year on earth....

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: aliya's 1st year
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