Progress Report: 101 in 1001


It’s been 110 days now, that is 891 days to go, and there are still 92 goals to do…
But I think I’m still on the right momentum. Most of my goals are progressing as most of them aim to do repetitive acts before i can say “I’ve Done It”. Or some of them requires too many menial steps before I can say I am satisfied!
Anyways, I reviewed my lists and this is my progress report:
1. Since the family get-together is fast approaching, I am cramming preparing for the itinerary and still coordinating with them the final plan. I have visited some sites (actual and virtual).
2. My parent’s house project is almost done! I just wish I could buy Mama a very nice curtains before Christmas (pro tem the window glass which is not yet in our budget).
3. Have painted the house (actually those walls that are eyesore)
4. Have installed and fixed the lightings and electricals
5. Teaching kids about things and stuff… (but have to spend more time engaging them about religion and spirituality)
6. Have updated and posted the pictures of stuff I want to sell online
7. Created several digital scrapbooks
8. I am learning to cut kids’ hair (aliya’s cut now is courtesy of momi)
9. Organizing and gathering sponsors for my charity gift-giving. I have received substantial pledge from my former boss who started it all!
10. Keeping up with my reading and writing.
11. Have started working on training materials for my staff.
12. Walking again….
13. Having great time seeing and connecting with old friends…
14. Been conscious about promises, punctuality and procrastination!


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