Project Kindness for Kids! – An Update


I am happy that many have responded to this project and there are lot more coming in, I believe…
The events will happen again at Dagat-dagatan Letre Malabon on December 20 and Matungao Bulacan on December 23. And if there will be more pledges, I will arrange sending toys too at Asilo de San Vicente at UN Avenue. I have also committed to give pillows to elderly at Laguna.
I have worries and hesitation last month and I was thinking of doing the activity only at Matungao with the meager pledges I got. But early this month, I realized that I should have committed more to put more time on this project since I have already visualized a bigger one this year. I just scolded myself by not doing more preparation as I should have. But since it’s not yet too late, I can still make this happen! I made few calls, emails, and text and lo! and behold! most of them responded! Another realization: “All I have to do is ask!” And then the bigger one came when my former boss (the author of this all, EVC) texted me asking why I haven’t contacted him yet (just at the same I was thinking to send him the email)! He assured a bigger amount! Wow! Another realization: “Everything I need comes to me even without asking for it”
Well, this is just a manifestation that kindness begets support, generosity begets people getting inspired to do the same. Wow….

Hey for those who still want to contribute or sponsor kids… you can send your kind ChipIn to this site:

It’s never too late to be kind … 🙂

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