Daily Archives: December 16, 2009

The Audit Star Awards!


I have commended some of our promising auditors who showed efforts beyond what were expected, and I made a powerpoint presentation shown in our Christmas Party.

That was only “short-listed” into 6 auditors, but I can actually think of many award categories and match them to too many auditors. As I can also think of an Auditor and can attribute him/her with several winning categories….. I know that this rare awarding ceremony will stir some emotions (both negative and positive) to all of almost 100 auditors there, but I plunged into it believing (actually hoping) that everybody will get inspired from these bunch of Star Awardees.

I know they will agree with me on the commendation of these 6 auditors and share with them their joy of accepting the “star awards.” I know that there are lot of people, especially their mentors, who are very proud for them. I want to congratulate them, too!

In the end, I really commend everyone, as this batch of auditors is just a bunch of great, deserving, persevering auditors!

see this:
2009 awarding2