Change the Habits!


Habit is a mindset, habit is subconscious, habit is much more powerful than our conscious effort to do and change. So, I better change the bad habits and it goes with it I’ll change the mindset/beliefs… for good!

I wrote in my 101 in 1001 five months ago 4 of my most compelling goals. I am aware that if I’ll be able to attain them, I will be a “better” person. Consciously, I am lacking at it and I recognized it. But more than that I have to have conscious effort to change….
1. Stop procrastinating
2. Be punctual
3. Keep my promises and do not make promises I cannot keep
4. Laugh some more! Tell jokes! Hear jokes!

These are actually “habit-forming” goals. And as I go about my 101 list now, I was thinking when will I ever scratch it?? Since goals should be measurable and time-bound, I decided that I will consider these “complete” when I have listed 43 instances that keeps me on each of this goal – but net of failures/slide I will make.

I found this site of goal-tracker where I can keep the scoring… and it’s great!

For a start, I listed here, my mini-goals for each goal….

Stop procrastinating! (here’s a list of keeps in my list for a loooong time)
1. organize my important papers
2. sort clothes (old and new and for donation), curtains, bed sheets
3. pay real property tax
4. get meralco stock certificates
5. use the Red studio
6. the fountain for my mini garden
7. tiles for old CR
and so on…….
Be punctual
1. Apply early-to-rise, early to office
2. Be ahead in any meetings
3. Prepare before any meetings
4. Keep on deadlines
5. Say “No” when i usually say Yes (which keeps me doing trivial things)
6. No more last-minute rush
and so on…..
Keeping Promises…
It’s not that I am bad at it, it’s just that sometimes I don’t remember. Or it took a long while before I deliver…. that the person I made promised to thinks that I forgot. Or maybe because I often say Yes when I shouldn’t…..

Laugh Some More…

Don’t get me wrong, I am a jolly person! But hearty laughs from me is just not automatic. While others are laughing their hearts out, I am just smiling (and truly happy). I envied my papi who laughs loud on funny shows! i just want to be more “forgiving” to the comedian, stop analyzing and gives the laugh! 🙂 Hahaha!


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  1. Best of luck with the, ‘be punctual’, goal in particular. I am very bad at this myself and have a terrible habit of leaving home at the time I should be arriving at my destination, hence I am always 15 minutes late. I will try and apply some of your principles myself. Thanks for the tips.

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