Daily Archives: January 27, 2010

I Gave My ‘Last’ Money


I left home commuting with just a few bucks (for I’ll withdraw money later), when I was about to ride the taxi, I saw these beggars, mother and child. The kid (a baby about Aliya’s age) is visibly sick, he has a big head (he is afflicted with a hydrocephalus), and my heart fell. Too bad I don’t have food or snacks in my bag, and pity this time I don’t have much money…. So except for the fare for my last ride going to office, I gave all my change and money in my wallet. It was not much… my heart ached because I desired to give more…. but unfortunately I couldn’t at that time… I don’t know really if I hoped to see them again… i hope not… I hope so…

(the photo links to a great site of a photographer who gives “tribute” to kids with hydropcephalus)