I Gave My ‘Last’ Money


I left home commuting with just a few bucks (for I’ll withdraw money later), when I was about to ride the taxi, I saw these beggars, mother and child. The kid (a baby about Aliya’s age) is visibly sick, he has a big head (he is afflicted with a hydrocephalus), and my heart fell. Too bad I don’t have food or snacks in my bag, and pity this time I don’t have much money…. So except for the fare for my last ride going to office, I gave all my change and money in my wallet. It was not much… my heart ached because I desired to give more…. but unfortunately I couldn’t at that time… I don’t know really if I hoped to see them again… i hope not… I hope so…

(the photo links to a great site of a photographer who gives “tribute” to kids with hydropcephalus)


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  1. Your compassion will reward you also.It’s hard to grasp the concept of no money in this world,but there are real human beings in this world that deal with it every day.Hope that you never have to.

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