Tuesdays With Morrie


I have this book lent to me by a dear staff “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom… and it is a great read! I started this afternoon and I know I can finish it in a flash… but I can’t… or I mean, I don’t want to. Very seldom that I do this in a book… prolonging its ending, savoring its every page and every word, absorbing the wisdom and enlightenment. Just like we do to a favorite food…. we savor its taste wanting it to last….

“Don’t let go so soon. But don’t hang on for so long”

This true-to-life book is about “living to the fullest, with compassion and love” and the advice came from a dying man, Morrie. If we can only stop and think that we can die anytime soon, we will do things differently, or shall I say, meaningfully. At one point, I envied Morrie for he knew that “it” is coming, thus he became focused of what he’ll do for the remaining of his life. Unlike most of us, we dread dying but we are not actually doing anything to appreciate life as if death will happen in the next 100 years.

I will not make a review of this books… I will not try to. I just want to share my experience while reading it and some of the enlightenment I had. I rather share here some of the quotes that hit….

About Dying and Living

“You know, dying is just one thing to be sad about. Living unhappily, that’s another matter.”

“Do what the Buddhists do. Every day have a little bird on your shoulder that asks, “Is this the day I’m gonna die, little bird? Huh? Am I ready? Am I leading the life I want to lead? Am I the person that I want to be?”

“When you realize that you are going to die, you see everything much differently. So every day you say, “Is today the day I die?” When you know how to die… you know how to live.”

“I mourn my dwindling time, but I cherish the chance it gives me to make things right”

see other quotes here

In retrospect, I may have shunned “this” topic about death and dying, but I believe I am “preparing” for this. As you can see the essence of my blogs and my journaling is actually living my NOW to the fullest… seeing life at its finest, seizing every opportunity to be happy and be compassionate. I am learning and there are lot more to experience….

I hope one day when I near “it” I would be able to say that “I took each moment as it came for all that it is worth…”


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  1. sistah……i’ve read this book few years back – totally agree widya…it’s a great book!!!…and i think the message subconsciously left a footprint in the way i look at life—–>every single day we woke up is another step towards our ultimate end….and it’s just up to us if we dread about it or look at it as a chance to live life to the fullest – one more time!!!
    …so….jump off cliffs more often and build your wings on the way down!!!!……(though most of the times i wonder…why the hell did i jump?!?!?!….:)…..)

    • Great! I wonder why didn’t you tell me about this book before?!? Anyways, the principle is basically the same with “Live as if you will be dead by midnight!” and “Treat everyone as if they will be dead soon” (Og Mandino, remember?)…. that too is a good wake-up call….
      I like your aphorism about jumping the cliff!!! Is that your original? Well great!!
      Miss you!

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