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About 7th of my 101 – Religiosity and Spirituality


Hard topic, this is! Wheeew… 😮
But what actually I want to write here is about my kids and how to “deal” this topic with them….
I really have to develop the spirituality of my Jolo and Lean… I am kind of bothered of how “detached” they are when it comes to religion/spirituality. They were not like Mommy as to her fascination in religion in early age…. I remember myself that at the age of 7, I was full of stories about saints and religion and bible characters and cathechism. I’ve even memorized all known popular prayers there were. I remember being amazed and fascinated as a kid (I still am – don’t get me wrong) that’s why I devoted myself in reading and learning during those early years.
I am not what you can say a “religious” person, but I learned enough that this is more about “relatiosnship” and being good!…. (as one good pastor said, “let’s talk about spirituality rather than religiosity”).
Admittedly, I have a “hard” time teaching my kids this topic… I think, I’m not really trying hard. I even don’t know how and where to begin…. That’s why I committed here in my 101 the mission of really really trying to teach them spirituality….
So I “devised” this plan of reviving our church attendance… and to put some interest in them, I enjoin them to make this as family habit to attend mass regularly and at different churches! In some way, their interest have awakened and they are now starting to ask questions… (Maybe, we can even find a priest that is not so “boring” in giving sermons –sorry)… I know, I know, I should do more than this… I should be more of a model…
Well, just to share, this year 2010, we have attended mass in these places….

Jan 24 – St Michael Parish, Marilao Bulacan
Jan 31 – Shrine of Divine Mercy Marilao Bulacan
Feb 07 – Assumpta Church, Balagtas
Feb 14 – Barasoain Church Replica at Nayong Filipino Clark
Feb 21 – St Joseph the Worker, St Michael Meyc Bulacan
Feb 28 – Assumpta Church Bulacan, Bulacan
Mar 07 – Our Lady of Assumption, Meralco Village, Marilao
Mar 14 – San Ildefonso Church,Tabang Bulacan….

Divine Mercy Shrine…. photo credit from this nice blogsite