101 minus 13th – For Good Night Sleep


I once read that the most valuable investments we can have is to have good beds (and bed sheets and pillows, for that matter). We should always reward ourselves with a good night sleep at the end of every hard day’s work. Come to think of it, having good bed as same with the rich people, I bet that I am better off than them when it’s time to sleep… cause I can sleep sounder with less worry (I hope).

That’s why I bought 2 quality beds for upstairs bedroom, plus lots of pillow cases and nice beddings…. I feel contended everytime I sleep there, and my kids are comfortable as well! And I have accomplished now my no. 98 on the 101 list. (see here other accomplished goals)

These are not yet the look of my bedrooms, but I like the combo of green and blue paint, nice for the monotonous blue color of our bedroom/playroom upstairs. And the subtle lavander bedroom on 2nd photo will look nice and warm if I will replace the purple color on my master’s bedroom’s wall.


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