Visita Iglesia @ Bulacan


Holy Week next week and we’ll have to repent and meditate for our souls’ sake…. This is the time (for me personally) to “touch-base” again with my spirituality. I know that it might seem “seasonal” but it’s really my time of year to reflect and pray (more than as usual)….
Also, we started last year with my cousins the Visita Iglesia of 14 churches. We did it last year from Bulacan to Pampanga, with last leg to Manaoag Pangasinan. We travelled in 3 cars on Goof Friday, with few “aberya” along the way. This year we plan to do it on Holy Thursday, and I suggest we’ll do it in Bulacan Province.

So, we have to plot the route to these beautiful, historical churches: (hey, cousins, help me plot it, I don’t know the way!)

Parish Church of the Immaculate Conception (Malolos Church)
Parish Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (Barasoain Malolos)
Parish Church of San Juan de Dios (San Rafael)
Parish Church of Sta Isabel (Malolos)
Parish Church of San Miguel de Arcangel (Marilao)
Parish Church of San Ildefonso (Guiguinto)
Parsih Church of Santiago de Apostol (Paombong)
Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion (Bulacan, Bulacan)
Parish Church of Sta. Monica (Angat)
Parish Church of San Agustin (Baliuag)
Parish Church of Santiago Apostol (Plaridel)
Parish Church of San Miguel Arcangel (San Miguel)
Parish Church of St John the Baptist (Calumpit)-picture above
Parish Church of Santa Ana (Hagonoy)
Parish Church of San Ildefonso (San Ildefonso)
Parish Church of Santo Niño de Bustos (Bustos)
Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de Lourdes (Doña Remedios Trinidad)

see map here
and sites of chuches here

see also the link by clicking the photo and see also this site

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  1. define “abeyra” inay… :-D, nyhahahah
    but they again, this gonna be another exciting adventure… wheee!!!! 😀 😀 ;-D

    • Aan……”aberya” means trying to find out which is stronger -> mama’s gate or Aan’s Altis…….


      ….if Aan’s Altis can make a road out of “lahar”…..

      • hehe…. or if she can make an espasol out of her car….
        tara kuya, join us in our Visita Iglesia!

      • nyahahaa, thanks kuya for that definitions… 😀

        thank God, we didn’t had experience any of the same sort this time… 🙂 (‘coz I’m not the Driver)…joinx

        but as usual, we had a great time…
        Hope you, te leli, chuks and dean can join us next time… 😉

  2. same casting is Ok; additional castin is also Ok;wala lang “KJ” ayusin lang ng mabuti and route; para tipid sa gasoline remember the last time visita iglesia gasoline was range to Php 30-31 per liters (tanda tanda ko) now is its goes up to 47.00 wow!! food KKB-fine 3 cars in a row is fine

  3. ate, no need to make a map.. nyahaha.. gamitin ntin cp ni ate ann! bonggang bonggang bill! joke..:D
    *my ginagawa po ako, kelangan ng psp sa 😀

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  5. Parish Church of San Nicolas de Tolentino (Calumpit)- just want to correct po, the picture above is from Calumpit, Bulacan and it’s the parish church of St John the Baptist. =) peace po.. im from calumpit… just so happen to see your blog

    • thanks for the correction… I also corrected my another related blog about this. Beautiful church, by the way. I saw it. 🙂

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