Daily Archives: April 10, 2010

Busy Season!


A time in a year on its first quarter before April 15….
Time suddenly became short and insufficient…

But this is the best time:
to learn (again), to think and analyze,
to improvise and be creative…
to calibrate memory and not forget whose issue goes to what client…
to realize why every minute is precious…
to grow with friends and partners and knowing we can rely on each other…
to impart knowledge to staff and learn also in the process.. and…
to drink more coffee, skip dinner (and bath?),
to sleep (or try not to sleep) on chairs….
to keep oneself sane and calm… until the 15th!

At the end of much dreaded deadline (but also awaited because the agony and stress will end by that time!)…. nice to say….ahhh…what a relief!

Today’s Simple Pleasure: FUN-Bob


In my moments of tiredness, my son Lean sung a nice song, called “FUN”
He was so cute and I was so warmed and felt revived!
Haha… we even “argue” the “N” part….
Ohh Lean, love you so much…. (you too, spongebob)

Spongebob: It’s not about winning, it’s about fun!
Plankton: What’s that?
Spongebob: Fun is when you…fun is…it’ like…
it’s kinda… sorta like a…
What is fun?? HERE…Let me spell it for you!

Spongebob: (singing)
F is for Friends who do stuff together.
U is for You and me.
N is for Anywhere and anytime at all.

Sea Creatures:
Down here in the deep blue sea!

Wait…I don’t understand …I feel all tingly inside…
Should we stop?

No! That’s how you’re supposed to feel!

Well I like it! Lets do it again!


Spongebob & Plankton: (singing)
F is for Frolic through all the flowers.
U is for Ukelele.
N is for Nose picking, chewing gum, and sand licking.
Here with my best buddy.

(Laughing part)

see also compilation of Simple Pleasures in Six Words in my page (here)….