My Simple Pleasures in Six Words


I have started on March 29, 2010 my new project to record simple things that make me smile and be grateful about the day! Click also on the entry to see the post inspired by a nice photo.

March 29: Soft morning wind, great day ahead!
March 30: Received a rose from grateful Jolo
March 31: Nice Fuji camera from Ninang Verna
April 1: Holy Thursday Visita Iglesia with cousins
April 2: Hear my Aliya sing and hum
April 3: Books nourish my soul and mind
April 4: Attended mass with Mama and Daddy / KFC Time with Kids and Parents
April 5: I only have one favorite pizza!
April 6: New HPMini311, sleek and amazing laptop!
April 7: Clash of the Titans: the remake
April 8: Took ganda pictures of my Aliya
April 9: My new favorite in net: WeHeartIt!
April 10: Borrowed a sought-after book by Albom
April 11: “Fun” SpongeBob song sung by Lean
April 12: Nice to help relieve Jolo’s discomfort
April 13: Received help from people least expected
April 14: Cheesy lasagna baked by Sister Flor
April 15: A relief to finish tax season!
April 16: Four books to soothe my nerves
April 17: Gimik with beloved St Jo friends!
April 18: At farm, picked mangoes with Aliya
April 19: Ice Cream, Tapsilog, Starbucks at Opening
April 20: Driving to work with my Lean
April 21: Experienced efficient, fast processing of passports
April 22: 😦 A hit new store at QC
April 23-25: 😦 Celebrating life while mourning and grieving
April 26: Teambuilding fun moments with Audit collegues
April 27: Playing, laughing, goofing around the pool
April 28: 😦 Opportunity to teach Jolo a good lesson
April 29: Another blessed year passed for Daddy
April 30: Beer and tacos moment with Papi
May 1: Bonding moments with cousins at Cabana’s
May 2: Time to treat Dad for his Bday / Watched lovely sunset from our room
May 3: Swimming and lunch at Ocean Park

…. hope to keep up….

this is saved now in my Page


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