Right to Vote!


This election is quite an experience! A new different unexpected experience. Since this is the first-ever automated election to happen in the Philippines, there are lot to expect… or rather unexpected turns.

As promised by automation of speedy process, the voters have gone through a phases of feelings: anticipation, excitement, disappointment, having second-thoughts, sticking on the line, stubbornly-sticking on it, relief, and then be proud after the process.

I know, I shared the same feelings with my co-voters waiting on the line for 3 hours, under the intense heat and then mild rain. We fought the feeling of going home and seek the comforts of just sitting around. In the end, it is the obligation to vote that prevails! Not everyday we are given the chance to do that no matter how distasteful the politics is…. As we said it, you cannot complain if you passed your right/obligation to vote.

We were sweaty but proud!

image source here (nice mosaic except for the thumbs-down)


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