My Brother’s Amazing Arts


My brother Kuya Lito is a great influence to me and an inspiration! He see’s life as one big canvass where the master can paint whatever, however he likes… with “total abandonment” if one chooses to…

His “mantras” are, among others:
“Begin with an idea and then it will become something else.” (quoted from Picasso)
“Every single day we woke up is another step towards our ultimate end….and it’s just up to us if we dread about it or look at it as a chance to live life to the fullest – one more time!” (own words)
“Jump off cliffs more often and build your wings on the way down!!!!……(though most of the times i wonder…why the hell did i jump?” (own words)
“Most of the time great things come out when you create with “total abandonment” – when you are not afraid to fail, when you don’t think about impressing others, when you don’t think about all those rules, when all you care about is – self expression”
“Just do it!” – by nike

Abstract Horizon


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  1. …hey Babel….. I didn’t know you’re keeping track of all the BS I said………hehehe………anyway, that’s just my way of putting in fancy words – “the way we do the things we do!”…

    • ….hehehe, well, your arts come with the art of your BS words… that are equally amazing!…. (is BS means what I think it is? B—S–t?… hahaha)

  2. …you can also add this one (in response to Chulo & Deann’s -> you spend a lot of time with your arts!!!”)………”one day when I finally cut my ear and shoot myself, “these” might end up auctioning for lots of $$$$$….so don’t throw these crap away!!!….”

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