Great Time During “Bad” Time!


How can one act if one is having a hard time at work but need to have to spend great time with family?! In the end, it is just a MATTER OF CHOICE! and a better choice is always the better (who in good mind choose the worst over better, anyway?)…. well, it’s elementary, feeling great is it!

It is my Aliya’s birthday and we had a family getaway in the afternoon (because I need to go to work in the morning, but it should not get in the way about my plan for this day)… We went to Quezon City’s Ace Water Spa and had a great, great time! Aliya enjoyed it a lot (ang mommy too!) We tried everything and had a great fun! It does’t matter if she had drunk a lot of chlorine (but I mind). Later on, Aliya could say, “iming” (swimming), “awer” (shower), “eyning” (raining), boat (right, boat), slide & bubbles! We had our lunch at Greenwich (Marilao) and had our photos taken! Wheee…Saya! what a great day!

Who said about having a bad time at work? Well, it even doesn’t worth mentioning here and gaining space in my valuable blog! So that’s it!

🙂 Happy Birthday Aliya!

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