Aliya’s antics


Today, I am amazed how Aliya have grown! She can now totally comprehend and can understand simple instructions and can now command attention!

Her few gimik and antics are:
🙂 she picks up bag and says bye-bye and go to the door…
😉 then come back to have everyone kiss her
🙂 she doesn’t know (or don’ want) to kiss, but she want to be kissed a lot
😉 she loves to play mommy to her doll
🙂 she loves water and swimming
🙂 she loves microphone… she sings (or hum, actually) and pretend to sing
🙂 she keeps on saying,….love… love… while hugging
🙂 she calls on us to sit when she’s now on her high chair to eat
🙂 she can now eat by herself
🙂 she dance when she see somebody dance on the TV (we danced a lot yesterday)
🙂 she wants to pick-up the phone and “calls” Mama and Daddy
🙂 she once asked to be seated on the “throne” when she said wii-wii.
🙂 she can count, her favorite number is seven
😉 she do “abs-rocket” hahaha

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