Daily Archives: July 5, 2010

Mama’s Bday Countdown


I’ve been busy preparing for Mama’s bday… this is a surprise party… and we have to be discreet about what we are doing behind her back… 🙂 I thank all my “cousinship” who are members of the “committee” for the help and support! We still have 6 days to go… and we are cramming! wheew…! hope we can make it…
There are lot of ideas and gimiks (discussed in net and in “starkubs” in the middle of night)… for one, this is a best-ever-pasta party we will ever host (or we ever attend!), the titas are actually worried what I will have for food… there is also a “walk down memory lane” theme (see here the inspiration), hope I will be done with my music video and all… the motif is pink and orange (something like pics below)… and of course we need a lot of improvision because it’s rainy season here….
Well, Good luck to us!
Ohh, did I mention that this is in my “101”…