101 Inventory-taking


It’s been awhile since I have made updates on my 101… The last time I took inventory, I had only 18 “minus”… but amazingly as i took the count now, I had already 26 “minus” (see here)… well that’s 25% complete with still 665 days to go… fairly good…. But I have to keep up with the stories behind these accomplishments… so need to blog-blog more…

But later on that. For now, I will also have to take a look on my tasks that are in-progress and needs further effort to accomplish… or better, i have to revisit some of them that seems “no-ending” tasks and rather change/enhance them with attainable-time-bound ones.

Some of the progress that worth noting are:

🙂 I am more into reading and been around with lots of books
😉 I am keeping up with my “motivation-project” with my staff
🙂 I am keeping the contacts with family more often
🙂 Being happy and contended with simple hits and pleasures for each day
😉 Got my true-to-life digital camera (my wish)… but need to be serious in photography
🙂 Having done the surprise birthday treat for my Mama and Dad
🙂 Done lots of movie-music clips and digital scrapbooks lately
🙂 I am planning for a travel holiday in Bangkok in August
😉 The teachings and the learnings with kids are still the priority

What else… well, just want to say, I’m still on my 101 in 1001 days…

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