My New Camera!


I’ve been wanting to have a professional camera (and be serious in photography), it’s in my 101 list! But I know its too pricey… and there lot of “priorities” in my list before that, i know. And we already have 2 digital cameras … But I saw this sleek semi-professional camera Canon G11, and with a nice price (compared to really pricey one for prof camera). It’s been offered to me since March by my friends-pare in the office, together with an LCD TV. I bought the LCD TV (because it’s for everyone’s delight), and I thought a new ref will do fine with the money I have – equivalent to the price of that camera. Practical mom, di ba! So, I said NO to the camera! (I should not indulge myself for my only sole delight! no-no-no!)

However, my friends, as if tempting me, are allowing me to use it since March. It’s been in-and-out of my “possession.” I really keeps on giving it back to them shunning the temptation. But they keep on bringing it up to me because they know of my indecision to buy it (and my yearning, my “deepest desire”!)… Then the offer went good and I run out of alibi not to buy it. Tapos na daw ang enrollment! After so much thought and computation, I finally succumbed to my guilt-full “craving” to buy this sleek Canon G11! Haaay! Am I happy? Yes!… I just really need to justify this “selfish” decision of mine… haay…. (anyway, its in my 101 and I can slash it now my #46th! and for one thing, Jolo likes it!)

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