Daily Archives: July 25, 2010

God Whispers….


Dear Babel,

Your life is your beautiful novel. You’re the author, not me. I just supply
the paper and pen. But you do the writing. You control the plot. The
twists. The turns. And it ends the way you want to end it.

Avid Reader,

P.S. Can I make a request, Babel? Can the ending have lots of dancing,
hugging, laughter, and a buffet overflowing with yummy food? Just a wish.

My Tribute to Mama @ YouTube


I almost forgot to post about the movie clips I made for Mama, a loving tribute to her. These were shown during our surprise party for her… and I have made these available in You Tube (click title to link)… I hope it summarizes our love and salute to her!

Mama Mia by Abba – a celebration of friendship and her adventures
She’s Always a Woman by Billy Joel – a celebration of love (Dad and Mama’s Moments)
She’s Somebody’s Hero by Jamie O’niel – our tribute to her motherhood
Because you Love Me by Celine Dionne – our loving song dedicated to her being a great person, mother, aunt, wife and grandmother.