Daily Archives: July 31, 2010

“Hard Times Make a Boy Dream”


“Hard times make a boy dream”… the quote that is the most vivid in my mind from the speech of our Boss during the opening of our 50th Puregold store (Cubao)… This is the first time that the Boss spoke to the public, that is, just so to keep up with his promise (to speak on the 50th store)… Actually he made a promise thinking that 50 is a long shot. But he (we) did it after only 9 years since we started the expansion in 2001 for our 2nd store in Tayuman. I’m kinda proud, I was there (and still am) to help.

“Hard times make a boy dream”: The message actually is: “there is hope, just dream” but behind that “there should be perseverance and right choices.” I was moved by his speech (kahit halata kabado). I believe that inspite of his “flaws” and his “moods”, he is a simple man with great dreams and aspiration! He is a leader that inspire us to move and dream further for our next 50 stores! Hope I will still be around to hear his next speech that will happen again on the 100th store. 🙂