An Embarkment to a New Challenge


Later today we will open again our store at Star City… But this time under a new format… new market… thus new challenge, new ideas, more creativity and more faith! From toy store, we will try now a pillow store. Well, it is not entirely new to us, as we supply the pillows here at Star CIty (and Im proud to say that I conceptualized and was first to produce star pillows for the Star City way back 2005!— and others follow suit!)… Now we dedicate our new store to pillows and the designs are “new” to the market…(actually these are pillows with popular logos and icons… but I know these are the firsts here… so excited ako! — will show pics later)…
Anyways, with all intents and purposes, we will have to make this prosper… (meaning: pagtatagumpayan natin ito!) and it is really great just to start… it’s true the rest is easy as we gain “momentum”….
I am excited and positive about this!
So… we’ll see… it takes just a little more of faith!


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