Update on my 101 minus


Have been awhile since I visited my 101 lists and somewhat i realized that I’ve been unconsciously doing the things I put there (I mean, even without conferring to the list every now and then)… however, when I took “inventory” I am just in my 33rd! to think I only have more or less 400 days! panic, panic… need to do the 67 things more…

anyway, i see that the 6 tasks i’ve done since July are quite substantial…

28. #20 – My first compilation of my “first-time” list
29. #77 – New business venture – pillows (Sept 2010) and our 1st bazaar experience
30. #68 – My birthday-charity marathon (4 charity works before my 40th birthday!)
31. #89 – My new bathroom! finally! (Jan 2011)
32. #32 – Bonding with Papi at Puerto Princesa (Feb 2-6)
33. #76 – New room for auditors! (March 4, 2011)

Anyway, still need to catch up!

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