Have a Little Faith


“Have a Little Faith” by Mitch Albom
Another heart-warming true-story book, an inspiring piece that talks about faith and religions (a hard topic to touch, should I say) a story between two worlds–two men, two faiths, two communities, several religions, and quest for “understanding.” In simple ways it offers some simple answers on questions about faith and religion which we cannot articulate to ask or dare to question but always in the back of our mind…, like:

“Soon we had tumbled into a most fundamental debate. How can different religions coexists? If one faith believes one thing, and another believes something else, how can they both be correct?

“Is there any winning a religious argument? Whose God is better than whose? Who got the Bible right or wrong?”

We are not really looking for answers, since answers maybe too complicated, or vague, or just leads more questions… But here, I understand, or I mean, I learned to understand… as if I arrived to the same realization, summed up as said by the author:

“It hit me… the whole point is: not the conclusion, but the search, the study, the journey to believe. You can’t fit Lord in a box.”


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