Paperworks, Bookkeepping… aarrgh…


I am an accountant, I am an auditor… but I’m not good in keeping MY own books, balance MY own account or updating MY records (financial)…or shall I say, this is one of the tasks I “cant find time” to do… this is the one thing I always put-off… procrastination, is it… at its finest! and on the field of my own “craft”…

Well, since this is mine, I am only answerable to myself? no deadlines, no pressures, no accomplishment reports! Pero di tama! This is not good! Change, change, change…

Now Im working on it (and i am overwhelmed)… but have to purge on… Sige kayo to… dont lose the momentum… I will put deadline on myself! By August 27… I will have my own financial statements!… (good luck to me) 🙂

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