Ilocandia Tour Postponed by Typhoon Mina


We were so excited for this tour… but Mina got in the way

The flight was postponed, and any attempt to go by land would be impossible because of flooded areas. in towns going there. But good thing we didn’t push our a way (even on the next flight on Sunday), because Ilocos was too flooded too. Haay, it was a mess back there at the airport (angry pips because of inefficient, arrogant Cebu Pacific staff – well I don’t want to dwell on that, it doesn’t worth a blog from me), we ended our business there at around 12 noon na.

We were so hungry that we decided to turn our “bad trip” to “food trip” so we headed to Vikings for a hearthy lunch! “eat-all-you-can- drink-all-you can” treat! wheeew! (so sorry for the indulgence in this time of calamity…)

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