Today… Measure Time…


I will free myself today from slavery to clock and calendar.
Although I will plan this day in order to conserve my steps and energy,
I will begin to measure my life in deeds not years;
in thoughts, not seasons;
in feelings, not figures on a dial.

Subic Sunset March 2010

(Today Series: 7/22)

How do we measure our “time”? Are we living our day by “just getting by” or we see our day as “8-5” or just simply “whatever” or que-sera-sera? Time, for those who matters time, can really intimidates or frightens you or worry you…  but however which way, we are “spending” it everytime… so how are we going to use and measure it matters!

I think we have can easure time by good deeds we’ve done, knowledge we’ve imparted, laughter we’ve blurted and love we’ve shown… and  especially by the “time” we actually shared.


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