The Sequel… Toy Story 3 and Shrek 4


I have just watched this weekend the sequel of two great cartoon (digital)  movies in cable channels.

Actually I never thought (until last night) that there was already a 4th Shrek… as always, I liked it . The moral of the story is about appreciating what you are and what you have, i hope it will never got to the point that one will never know how important they are, until they lose them (like Shrek).  I will always remember the “cake” scene and will be watchful about how I will treat the people or how to react on a situation….








I just finished watching the Toy Story 4… the last part is so touching… It’s  about reminding the importance of friendship and loyalty. And about not forgetting to always to seize the childhood and playful moments.  We can all “go back” to that moment of childhood and realize that we can be happy always….

🙂 emote moment lang even in the midst of children’s movies… :>


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