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Jolo at 14th, 14 about Jolo


My first son have way passed the kid-teen barrier… I was not worried last year on his 13th because nothing seemed much change… but then suddenly I thought i was prepared for this, him going through much adolescent changes, but I am not, between last year and now… the “transformation” seems abrupt too (or its just my imagination)… but then again, it amaze me how he handles and enjoys his changes….

This blog is intended to “freeze” this moment in this jolo’s stage. Eventually in the future, I will read this and smile… I just wish he will grow up more to be a fine gentleman. For now, these is Jolo at this stage…
1. He amazes me with his musical instincts, he can play guitar and piano without training or even a songbook/musical note.
2. He is now a choreographer to his dance group and being considered as fine leader.
3. He is now an avid book reader (ouch on my pocket)… but he have already read many great series, and is now seeking for my old classic serious books like “The Shack” and “Sophies World” (to think he got hooked to books only a year before in their school book fair)
4. He is still in rubic cubes, puzzles and magic. Mind you his rubic cube is now that pentagon shape, with 24 pcs per color.
5. Shoes and caps are his favorite collection now.
6. He is a food-picker, with only few favorites, nothing much change on this area, so I have to put him on correct diet.
7. Weights- he is now conscious about his body… well he is getting taller but not yet too lean.
8. Religion – he got so excited with the youth religious service he attended and begging to join again.
9. He is a fine artist, I suppose, he can draw and create characters. (he even “sells” his works in drafting -uhuh)
10. He can learn so many things easily by observing and watching, like pen spinning and that difficult dance steps, and that electric guitar piece.
11. He is a little “obsessed” with his hair… had to spend more time in the morning fixing it.
12. He is fun to be with, he shares funny stuff and laughs in small stuff.
13. He is not sporty… but as he claim, he is “artisty”
14. He is my fine, good, loving, funny, curious, compassionate boy who I believe will turn up to be a fine gentleman.

Today… Jump!


I will work convinced that nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
To do anything today that is truly worth doing,
I must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and danger,
but jump in with gusto and scramble through as well as I can.

First time to enjoy snorkeling…
when I thought I could never try to “swim” without my feet touching the seabed (even in lifevest)…
Now I can! I was enjoying every minute of it.

Today Series 14/22

Letter to Baby in Tummy


Letter to Aliya when she was 7 months old… in my tummy…
Written in Boracay, April 2, 2008…

Hi, we are here right now in Boracay. Capturing every moment of this day with you. I am so happy you’ve arrived in our life. I am grateful for your coming…. I love you… and may you become a great inspiration of love and hope and joy in our home. I am happy… but I am “dreadful” for the fear that I might fail you in the future. But know, my baby, that mommy will always try… always dream… always be strong for you and your brothers. I will do whatever I can do that i know is best. I love you and welcome soon…. Mommy.

Be Cool @ Bicol (Part 2)


It was indeed an adventure, and misadventure! We were not twarthed by any storm, flight cancellation, redirected flight and rain! We had a great time! We toured, we climbed hills and mountains, we crossed wooden bridges, we had swimming at the beach, an awesome picnic, we rode karetela, do visita iglesia, had photo shoot and almost do water surfing! Almost! What a full-packed vacation… A tiring fun vacation with my parents, 2 small kids, tita, and cousin, and our 15 pcs of luggages and bags!!! 🙂 just imagine! Oh plus another flight cancelation way back home!

About the flights: We were scheduled to fly to Naga on January 29, Sunday. We were at the airport early, and except for our so many bags and luggages, we have no inkling there’s something that might go wrong… an hour delay because of cloudy sky… then we were excited to ride the couch and then the plane, finally. An half-hour non-moving small plane, then it seemed to park rather than queue to fly… then they told us to deplane! the weather to Naga is no good, they told us! Waah! Aliya was so disappointed (its her first airplane experience) and asked if that was it?? If that was flying then is “fast”… Cancelled flight… uggghh… just to think what we’ll go through to rebook again… and to think our “so many” luggages!… and the impatient kids… and the tired seniors… weeehh… talagang ganon! SO I decided to take the flight tomorow for Legaspi instead of Naga… Bahala na….

SO, Take 2… on the following day, we repeat the other day’s schedule, as for the bags, I reduced it by 25%… hehehe…. We are going to Legaspi… it’s a 3hr drive to Naga, so, unprepared by this change, i will just go find a van to tour us half-day at Legaspi and then take us to Naga… so that’s “unplanned” 5K bucks… but never mind… Now, Aliya is flying and she’s got too excited that she keeps on talking non-stop until we reached our destination…

Till here for now… Part 3 here…

Today: Pebble in My Shoe…



I will condition myself to look on every problem I encounter today
as no more than a pebble in my shoe.
I remember the pain, so harsh I could hardly walk,
and recall my surprise when I removed my shoe….
and found only a grain of sand.

Cagsawa Ruin, Mayon Volcano, Daraga Albay Bicol, Nov 2011

I know it is not a pebble, but this picture seemed fit with the subject, while almost all of us worry about small things other people have bigger tragedy in their lives. The rock in the pic is one of those spewn by the volcano when it erupted in 1814 that killed almost 1200 Filipinos (see story)

Today Series: (13/22)

Since I read this wisdom, I have look at problems differently. I took comfort on this insights as I face some hurdles. A pebble in my shoe. Looking back now with those seemed to be big problems in the past, one can see that we all came through, and how menial is the issue now…