Hundred Islands and Hundred Fun


I really want to chronicle the fun and memories of our recent cousinhood getaway. And i am attempting to be true to my “title” of 100 fun… so here it is….

  1. Early morning road trip up north via SCTEX
  2. Pandesal moment at a gasoline station in Tarlac
  3. Few wrong turns and few misses… all 4 cars tagging along
  4. Short stop and holy moments at St Joseph Church at ALaminos Pangasinan
  5. Bumpy dirty ride going to Bolinao Falls
  6. Our “all-white” cars because of dirt and soil
  7. Hiking to Bolinao Falls
  8. The amazing Bolinao Falls
  9. Swimming in cold water
  10. AJ the 8-yr old guide
  11. The unpretentious Carolina Resort, it suits our big family. Nice owners!
  12. Superb lunch at Carolinas Resort, our baon.
  13. Low-tide walking at the beach with the family! Priceless!
  14. The sporty-beachy get-up of Aann
  15. Papa Nick’s umbrella at the middle of the sea… unusually funny
  16. The short spelunking at Enchanted Cave
  17. Swimming in cold water again
  18. The sunset by the Cape Bolinao
  19. Posing by the old house
  20. The view of China Sea
  21. The jump shots at Patar Beach
  22. Low tide walking by the sunset
  23. Counsinhood bonding moments by the beach
  24. Pelentz Do-it-Yourself jerbax
  25. The superb sinigang dinner!
  26. The boy’s midnight orchestra!
  27. The buffet breakfast of Aling Juliet
  28. The unified green tribe!
  29. The classic green japanese umbrella
  30. The Aquarius Boat and Kuya Bong (Boat 1)
  31. The Nina Boat and the makulit na boatman (Boat 2)
  32. The titanic pose!
  33. First stop: Governor’s Island
  34. Hiking up the viewdeck
  35. Couple’s moments picture-picture
  36. The passion of the carabao
  37. The carabao tree…
  38. Conquering the Big Brother house
  39. Second stop: Quirino’s Island
  40. The dive in the cave
  41. The broken life vest of Aann
  42. The silent dive of Nunu
  43. The cold beer while swimming
  44. Snorkeling by the beach (muna)
  45. Third stop: Lunch at Quezon Island
  46. Picture taking 1×1
  47. The giant clams “museum”, lucky for us to view just by the beach (no need to swim for it)
  48. Fourth stop: middle of the sea for snorkeling
  49. Fish-feeding
  50. Fifth stop: Childrens Island
  51. Tambay by the “cave”
  52. Papak tira, sawsaw Mang TOmas
  53. Shell picking
  54. Sand-tabunan
  55. Dylan’s learning to use floater
  56. The lightning to signal us to go home
  57. The Cuenca Cave
  58. The Anchors Away ride
  59. The kabog moments… “kilay ng matsing”
  60. Dinner of halaan and seafoods at Ate julieta’s
  61. The kwentuhan at the resort, “ghost” stories
  62. Early morning trip…
  63. Posing ala model by the beach
  64. Paul floating by the beach, fisherman mistaken him as ewan
  65. Papi and me moments on low tide
  66. Fresh fish for breakfast
  67. Nunu’s escapade with kayak
  68. Enteng’s rescue
  69. Christian tumbling in kayak
  70. karaoke at the resort…
  71. Packing time…set to go…
  72. Stop by Bolinao Church, souvenir hunting
  73. Way to go going home….looong ride home
  74. Lunch at Jollibee Tarlac
  75. Oppps… lastly, short stop for Razon’s halo-halo…
  76. 76-100 All accounts for the 25 of us that all have their moments of fun and memories and stories to tell (to fill this list too)… All of us who were all feel the adventure and closeness of the family….to name:Willy,Marie, Boyet, Blanca, Miko, Patis, Bone, Nunu, Jon, Enteng, Papaboy, Christian, Maccoy, Che, Angel, Papanick, Ta Mary, Aann, Soc, Dylan, luz, Romy,Paul, Jolo, Babel…

101…. Fun, adventure, family…. one great awesome, memorable trip! Next year uli!

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