Annoyingly Funny…


Just some thoughts about things that are annoying but one can’t help but just be good-natured about it… Examples are:

  • A big guy in barong a seatmate in public van, who opted to activate the sound of his old celfone (when he clearly has a headphone) and proudly played “i will survive” and “freak-out”… Those who wants to take a nap were clearly flusterred. And the songs….. Hindi bagay!
  • A usual scene in LRT. Why it is seems automatic for the guys who got hold of a seat, then suddenly got to sleep when a girl stands in front of him. Zzzzzz….
  • Another LRT scene, guys who sings out load, while he is listening on his headset. It is acapella for us who hears…. Volume down please…

Just something to smile about  for today  evethough its awkward, and irritating….


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