Balicasag Island of Bohol – Day 2


July 2012 (catching up post)

Our day 2 will be island-hopping and swimming and basking in the sun! Hope it will be a good weather. We started off right, Kuya Jerry took us to Panglao Island for us to take a boat. We have the boat all by ourselves… (waah, quite costly)… and we hunted for the dolphins. Dolphins because so aloof as there were to many boats chasing their apparition. We actual saw only few and from afar… and unfortunately no photo to prove it.


The highlight of our day is the Balicasag Island, a remote island, with small community of fishermen, without electricity and without fancy trimmings of tourism (except for one dive resort). The island and its coral reef and most especially, its villagers, at its finest, as is where is. Not for beach-lover for the quality of the sands at the shore, but the island is good for snorkeling.


We took a small boat going to a protected area of coral reefs (big motorized boats are not allowed). Kuya bankero took us using his 3-seater boat. The sight under the water was glorious! Papi can literally stayed there for long… I enjoyed them too even in my swimming vest!

green boat

While waiting for our ordered lunch, we trekked around the island… Literally around the full perimeter of the island. And lo and behold, so beautiful. We did the full circle at exactly one hour, in time for lunch! The we rest under the tree. Bliss!

balicasag island

Later that day, we explored another island… (see entry here)


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