Birthday SURPRISE… Ohhh for Me?


It was a pleasent surprise! A real surprise for my birthday. You got me! You pulled it perfectly… I was clueless! All the plans… And all the secret meetings and conspiracy… The works!

I thought “surprise” parties became a passe for my family, after we pulled the first 2 major parties (my mama in 2010 and my dad in 2011), i thought no one will ever be surprised anymore, or i mean, no one will ever be a good candidate (celebrant) anymore… NOT within my watch… without me as the “director”… I didn’t expect that they will someday plan for me… I thought that they knew well that i don’t like parties if i am the bida.

But they got me! Major surprise! All the people that matters were there… I feel fantastic, i feel ecstatic… Ohh cant describe really.



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