Going Back to Arts and Designs


These past weeks was really a creative week. The business (Pillow Me) have “forced” me again to tap on my creativity.  I believe creativity is not just IDEAS, but it involves a lot of execution, errors and explorations. Practice is Progress.  Creation is the Culmination.  No pressure to please everybody but strive to be true to self and whatever we call “art” by our own definition.


I’m pleased though with a few of my own creation or enhancement of pillow designs. I will continue to go on having  my own branding or icon in my pillows and be more unique and bold.  I will commit for the meantime these “ideas” that I have to follow-through soon: Embroidered wall art; Calligraphy & Embroidery; Customized Child’s Milestone in Embro; Pillow Me Icon on Cute pillows; Print & Embro plushies; Hoodie travel pillows.

Wk5 – Executing Ideas on Pillows



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