Conquer the Mountain


Conquer the mountain, because its there….

Let’s conquer Mt. Ulap at Benguet next week?

I used to get excited whenever there is an invitation for outdoor adventure like hiking, trekking or spelunking… but now, I had this feeling of slight dread and yes, shame…

The truth, I’m not in shape (literally and mentally) to do such extraneous adventure now… and just the thought of it, brings bit of cringe on my spine… Maybe the physical aspect cannot outdo any mind-setting I will do now… Not yet ready.

Good thing, it made me realized how I used to LOVE to dare adventure and just do it…  I realized how I neglected my self/ health big time recently… no alibis to be given… nope…. If my mind can WILL myself to shape-up, maybe its not yet too late…

So let’s conquer Mt. Ulap next week? ohhhh no, not next week….

Let’s goal to start with easy level by next month… Mt. Maculot, maybe.  Nevertheless, I will have to conquer first my OWN mountain. think-2

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