Serene and Wise


Last night, I wrote what will I do in the morning, first agenda, must-do, something out of routine…. This is to remind me when I get up and my mind gets too busy thinking so many trivial tasks ahead. 

I wrote: Walk.. Jog.. to the Farm…

Out of nowhere, Aliya requested this also last night. And I said why not… 

And so we went… along the way, it makes me feel blissful… The smell of burning woods reminds me of childhood times in the farm. I chanced also 2 old friends along the way… Saw the farm irrigation and line of fighting cocks… Reminds me of old ways in old days…

When I get to the farm’s gate, I jokingly called out Daddy… Like old days when I visit him there on any sunday… Aliya is quite uneasy, me calling dad’s name… Then something gives me a goosebump… And then it hit me! I remembered! 

This is the same day last year when we took Daddy there for (apparently) his last visit to his loving farm! With all his oxygen, in his wheelchair and with his favorite Readers Digest!

 Last year, same day! We spent the next 3 hours there (amazingly without putting on his oxygen tube)… We talked and we read Readers Digest! And most of the time he was so serene, seemed peaceful and no worries on his face… Looking back, I thought he was so accepting and thoughtful of what lies ahead without remorse or regret or sadness… Not even fear…

 Just an afterthought… I wished we all could be like him… Taking each moment as it comes for all that it is worth… 

Twelve days later, he left us for much better place, much beautiful than his most-loved farm…

Oh Daddy Im just so missing you.

Right now, here in the farm, you took me here perhaps. You led me going here. Unknowingly of the date today. Your presence can be felt and I feel you through the wind and soft breeze around. I cried today. But I know, Im glad, I live in the universe alongside you, Dad. 

Yes Dad, thanks for reminding me… I will take each moment as it come for all that it is worth, no regrets, no fear, no worries. 




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