My 52 Pieces Marbles


New beginning. We are given again another year, another 52 weeks, another 365 days. No guarantee though, but we can take it one-day at a time, a-week at a time. So how am I going to spend these days whole-heartedly and purposefully. Right! Fill with fun, adventures and positive attitude about the future, and most especially the Present, my “every moment” our “Now”

My 52 pieces marbles, I will not let a single one be put in “dull” jar… So, i will now again to embark on my 52-week adventure. Let’s plan to create memories (or maybe suddenly make unplanned adventures):

The 52-pieces marbles representing our 52-weeks in a year, this is inspired by a story (here or something similar to this)….

Will I make a shortlist of things to try?  doable weekly or on any spur of the moment ….

  1. Dine again at Red Planet Restaurant
  2. Try Go-carting
  3. Girl’s Out
  4. Decorate Aliya’s room
  5. Donate pillows Childhaus or PGH
  6. Make a new dress (sewing)
  7. Gym with Papi and Lean
  8. Weekday Bike with Aliya
  9. Decorate the Alfa store with Aliya
  10.  Gardening project
  11. ….. let the list be open….

will update you soon….

Spilled Marbles

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