Gratitude Journal


Here are 20 topics for gratitude journals that will keep our heart singing….

  1. Things that make me laugh
  2. Prayers of thanks
  3. What I’m grateful about myself
  4. People who’ve inspires me
  5. Opportunities I’m thankful for
  6. The friendships for keeps
  7. Life-changing experiences
  8. The job/projects I love best
  9. Relationships that we cherish most
  10. Moments of “firsts”
  11. New awesome places
  12. Life’s lessons
  13. What makes my house a home
  14. My defining moments
  15. My chances to help
  16. Appreciations thrown my way
  17. Receiving help and support when least expected
  18. New interesting knowledge and learning
  19. Discovering new hobby or passion
  20. For everyday’s simple pleasures

Keeping a “physical” journal is hard (for me), though I know I’m always excited every start of the year, and I have several notebooks and journals to start writing on — haha but as you can see (just like my blogging) I never kept-up at it…. (is it only me?)

Well, maybe with these lists above, it can be a good start …. again….

  • #ListsNiBabel
  • #MakesBrainOrganized
  • #HopeMasustainNaman



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