Date in Heaven


Mama have joyfully joined Daddy in heaven… and we know she is now in a happy place, where she can walk, run and do her usual busy-ness and maybe fussing Dad and having fun… she will not definetely trade places with us here… but know Ma that you will be terribly missed by everyone you cared about and helped in anyway.

You have lived your life well Mama. You are a remarkable and selfless mother (a loving lola, an influential aunt, a joyous friend, a loving sister and a dependable daughter)… you have showed us examples of perseverance, prudence, generosity, leadership, toughness, sacrifice and love! You have endured and triumphed a lot and you must be proud of how well other people succeed through your influence, advise, inspiration, pushing, cheering and support!

You have touched so many lives. Not only us, your children, but almost all those who have came your way. In any grand or even simple help you were always ready to impart so unselfishly. I am honored to have shared my Mama with them! I am very very proud that you are my mom! I love you so much Mama… 💔💕🌹💜🎈

#mamanibabel #byebye #feb23 #paalamansapebrero #mamaNgBayan #magdatenakayoninDaddy

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