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The Art of Not Complaining


Been sitting here for around 10 hrs on a crumped airplane seat and all my joints and butt and every inch of muscle is aching, stiffening and complaining. There are itching corners I cannot reach and numbing toes I cannot relieve. My mind and body has hundred and one reasons to complain, be grumpy and whine…. oh but wait, I told myself, sit on it, calm your pettiness! Discomfort ba kamo? Think about it, Mama has been on her bed and immobile for 18 months or 12,960 hours, bed-ridden, bound on her constant state of assortments of aches and discomfort, numbness and pain… she can move and change position only with a help of carers… and yet seldom she complained. Majority of those time, as I remember now, she was in her calm and accepting state. And I have imagined now (teary-eyed) the endurance she put on all of those agonies… while me complaining now of a numb toe! Ohh stop it! Pettiness indeed!

– April 25, Pacific Ocean, Seamount

Before I turn 50


This is actually cut-and -paste from my page… written 10 yrs back. Shameful to say, i have accomplished just few (those in Bold) – and now i have only less than 2 years to do the rest… good luck to me…

Horseback riding (on a running horse)
Can make 20 kinds of salad or pasta
See Vatican and Rome
Sea Cruise (Asia)
*Have an Exercise Routine
*Ilocos Tour
Founded a Charitable Foundation
*Charitable mission at rural area
Make love under the starlight (ohh can I change the place na lang? 😅)
Have a date in Paris or London
Back in shape!
*Able to save for my retirement!
document lives of 20 ordinary people
*Underwater Walk or Snorkeling
Be serious in photography
Ride a wildest roller coaster with Jolo (or any great adventure with Jolo)
Write a book
Make snow-angel or sand-angel
*Debt-free, saving-mode
Poll dancing
Visit a rainforest
*Published a company manual
Have a portfolio of home accessory designs
US Trip to see my brothers (soon – in few weeks from now)
*Vacation with parents at Naga
*Mountain hiking
*Be part of a stage play (concerts!)
*Continue hosting gift-giving charity work
*Donate blood

and may I add few more…

  • Reunion of our HS BFFs (CSG&GMS)
  • Be able to have another scholar
  • Set up new consulting company
  • Add new stores for Pillow Me
  • My art
  • Start investing on a beach property