Daily Archives: April 27, 2019

The Art of Not Complaining


Been sitting here for around 10 hrs on a crumped airplane seat and all my joints and butt and every inch of muscle is aching, stiffening and complaining. There are itching corners I cannot reach and numbing toes I cannot relieve. My mind and body has hundred and one reasons to complain, be grumpy and whine…. oh but wait, I told myself, sit on it, calm your pettiness! Discomfort ba kamo? Think about it, Mama has been on her bed and immobile for 18 months or 12,960 hours, bed-ridden, bound on her constant state of assortments of aches and discomfort, numbness and pain… she can move and change position only with a help of carers… and yet seldom she complained. Majority of those time, as I remember now, she was in her calm and accepting state. And I have imagined now (teary-eyed) the endurance she put on all of those agonies… while me complaining now of a numb toe! Ohh stop it! Pettiness indeed!

– April 25, Pacific Ocean, Seamount