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The Hunger Games Trilogy


I have been lagging in my reading lately, finding so many excuses why i havent finished yet the bookssss i have started… Then here’s Jolo prompting me to read yet another book… This time, Hunger Games… I dont wan’t to touch it because i haven’t gone past the 2nd chapter of 1st Percy Jackson (he had already finished the series!)…
Then came the announcement of the movie of HG! Jolo asked me if we could see the movie together on its first day before his bday….. (which I gratefully agreed, for the fear he might bring someone else)…. BUT on the condition that I will read the book! Oh-ohh!
Since it was already 10 days before the screening, i reluctantly devised a plan to read 30 pages a day! In time for the movie day…. (Imagine that this is the busiest month of my life because of tax season!). Yes, I reluctantly started this book – this juvenile book!
Well, you’ve probably guessed by now what happened next!
I was hooked!
3 days after, done! (and if it was not really busy tax season, i could have done it faster)….
Then the movie….
Then on his birthday, eventhough we already have the first book, I bought the trilogy books (the only one available in bookstore)…
Guess what? i have finished the two books in record-breaking pace!
Now, i have to pester Jolo to read them too, and fast! Or else….. 🙂

Today… This day’s adversities…



I will run from no danger I might encounter today, because I am certain that nothing will happen to me that I am not equipped to handle with your help. Just as any gem is polished by friction, I am certain to become more valuable through this day’s adversities, and if you close one door, you always open another for me.

Today series 9/22
1st time to blog from my iPad2 🙂

Currently Reading: All pending…for good reasons…



Eat Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
It’s nice to find a book you want to “savor”… not wanting to rush reading and yet enjoying every page… wanting to go on, but keeping the pace slow so it will last much longer… this is THE book you can call a “companion”… (best to read in airports and beach) nice… proud to say I’m not yet finished with it…



Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
An intriguing book that makes one “dizzy” on plot and sequence but also loving it thinking how clever it was structured. I am not a ‘romance’ reader, but this one qualifies as that with twist of sci-fi?! Not yet finished, because I’m having hard time “digesting” because the idea of “predetermined destiny” is kind of “off” and against compared to my theory of “butterfly effect”… anyway, this book is a source of good discussion between me and jolo, that’s why I am keeping at it.




Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
Got curious when featured in Readers’ Digest and found the first few chapters as intriguingly interesting. Though quite theoretical its not conventional. “The Power of thinking Without Thinking” it says in its cover… it said don’t overthink… but hey, It made me think quite a lot in every page…. thus, I’m still at it. (a good LRT companion too)






Jolo picked it up, convincing me it will help his tagalog vocabulary. A local book which Jolo and I found funny, light and yet insightful about simple things. I was enjoying the first few chapters (I have to read it first to know if it is suitable for Jolo, or needs PG), when Jolo found me amused and smiling, thus he took it, read it in few days, lent it to classmates and friend… and since then, haven’t seen it yet again to finish it… haay…