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Things to do while there’s nothing to do


Sept 18-21, 2013
2 days bonding moments with BFF-partners (SVS) and 2 days CPA convention


(Not necessarily in order):

1. Set no schedule, no itinerary…. just bum around
2. Enjoy a massage
3. Update Instagram
4. Read blogs
5. Update 101 in 1001
6. Sleeeeppp zzzzz
7. Watch Aga movie – done
8. Watch Be Careful…
9. Picture picture with celebrities (Bamboo)
10. Update iPhone Apps
11. Cleanup iphone files
12. Plan for date adventure with Papi
13. Plan for bicol with dad
14. Plan for house renovation for mama
15. Calea cake with friends
16. Nightout with PG staff
17. Facial kikay self-session with sisters
18. Chicken bacolod with friends
19. 5 pillow designs
20. Email kuyas
21. Plan for getaway with Family – December
22. Listen to inspirational speakers
23. Scout for a new good author
24. Read Kerygma and God Whisper
25. Read newspaper
26. Update blogs
27. Order easel for Aliya and Mama
28. Scout robotic or art workshop for Lean
29. Visit the Ruins
30. Write 43 things to be thankful for


My Original Sistah


My original SISTAH is Ate Luz… She is the lifelong Ate I have… Even we were 8 years apart, I treated her as my first “best friend” in my toddler and teen years… She was my Ate, filling my summer childhood memories of her being there for us (me and willy). We were the regular tambay in their big “nipa” house… enjoying many summers playing and bonding with her, reading comics, playing text (mini-cards), taguan (hide and seek) or just being there watching her doing her household chores. She never grew tired of our kakulitan, she being already a teen-ager and us being just 7-9 yr old “alaga.”

Haha… if i will ever ask Willy to write with me here about Ate Luz, we might probably fill this blog with lots of memories….

Anyways, I promised my Ate Luz that we’ll have a spa-night together… since it will be a wedding of her son this weekend, I also feel this is a long-overdue bonding moment.

SO last night, she did facial spa and i did foot spa… she made the spa assitants laughed with her wacky remarks (it was her first time to have facial treatment)… we had a great time… Soon i will treat her to foot spa also.



Today I commit myself to volunteer in organizing our High School Batch reunion! Why Not! I know it will need a quite too much attention and time, but I know this will “reap” a lot of fun, memories, challenges and most of all rekindling of friendship! In this one lifetime, probably one of the most memorable milestones in our lives (aside from giving birth, wedding…) is the reunion! So, I want to be a part of this!

Celebrate Friendship!


I have a long-outstanding promise to a friend to post our pictures in internet, I keep reminding myself and keep on forgetting, until today. And I did more than just posting it in my FB account… I made a Smilebox digital scrapbook with designs, music and all… that is, with effort!

This is a compilation of our “celebration” of friendship that filled our 2009 with joy and inspiration… just being together.

Sis Natz, eto na….

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook:
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Moving Forward on my 101….


walking in the rain#79: keeps on the habit of investing in mutual fund, (I have received 10k gift of Lola Baby to Aliya and it all goes to mutual fund, 5k goes to car registration)
#84: have finally decided to pull-out Jolo’s plan so not to diminish its value further (I will just put it in mutual fund)
#87: be more aware of financial matters: Meralco shares is going up (and now going low)… decide… decide… I have so&so shares at stake…
#94: Bought a microwave oven
#91: starting remodelling my purple room
#5: had a good “talk” with Jolo about attitude and habits. Also, bought the Jabbawokeez Mask for Jolo, Chess for Lean and new slippers for Aliya (been in my “to do” list for long), have to spend more time “dancing” with Jolo and playing with Lean and ALiya…
#17: Seen 2 groups of friends (SVS and SJS) and had fun
#30: went out our street to see the fireworks coming from SM, even I was the only one there gasping and amazing!
#34: adding more on my ‘travelling feet’ collection
#48: been conscious about learning new things and keeping tabs on them… (i’m currently reading about physics and religion)
#49: slowly creating habit for my health (ex. drinking 2 glasses of warm water every morning, less rice, take the opportunity to walk)
#58: finally launched by “pledge-gathering” for my Christmas Toy Gift-Giving… (I set-up a ChipIn (see my account how you can make contributions) and formally announced to network friends that I am “desperately” need of pledges)
#67: did “Pay-it-Forward” deed, I bought two tickets for “Truly Rich Seminar” of Bo Sanchez and gave it to two of my favorite cousins! (hey don’t forget me when you get rich!)
#69: inspite of toxic work, I keep on my weekly blog tips for staff
#70: released 1 major policy for implementation and 2 new policies for review

101 Minus 7th – One Great Spontaneous Adventure (UAAP Basketball Finals) #33


October 8, 2009
We got spontaneous tickets to watch the UAAP Basketball Finals Season 72, University of the East vs. Ateneo…. And we had one great and spontaneous fun and excitement!

It was so great that despite clamor for tickets for this finals, my friend was able to get tickets within 2 days before the game. It was so amazing (as it was quite impossible to get tickets on short-notice). But through the “power” of our ever-enthusiastic, and ever-resourceful friend Flor, we got 22 tickets! So, SVS staff also came! (the Partners and the staff are almost all UE alumni!)

It would have been Super Great if UE won the title (after almost 10 years?)… but unfortunately Ateneo won. (see the score board below)

But regardless, we really had fun and the verge of adrenalin! Even for the not-so-basketball-fans (like me), the game will make you jump and shout and be carried away. The event was really memorable (especially when they sung the UE theme – which amazingly we can still sing)

Great! Great! Hope next year we’ll be able to repeat this! Go UE Warriors Go!

Batch ’87


pier one_1017 134Last night was a celebration of Orly’s Birthday along with our St Joseph’s buddies and friends (from high school and elementary) at Pier One at QC. We have actually representatives from all sections: St Elizabeth, St John, St. Dominic, St. Ignatius! (if you still remember your beloved section!)

We had a really great time, telling stories, updating life-stories, cracking jokes, goofying around, appreciating the “journey” of each of us had from then to now, and amazing how years have not “actually” changed us… we are still young (at heart and spirit!)… and we can be the same good old buddies… and as if no years had set us apart!

I really believe that we became what we are now because of the friends we made and the dreams we shared with them… as we inspired, aspired and gone separate ways…. then, to meet again with stories to tell!

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