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Blogger of the Week: The House of Turquoise


As one of items in my new 101 list (that commenced May 13, 2012), I will feature my favorite blogger, each every week. The topics and categories will vary and most of the first few ones are among in my favorites and are actually in my blogroll.

The House of Turquoise – this blog interests me so much as this features home decors and home interiors accented in turquoise, and anything blue, one of my favorite colors. The blogs showcase awesome homes and lovely interiors. I even got some inspiration for my new room upstairs, that I even re-done the paint on the wall when the shade of blue was not the way I wanted. The big room upstairs (currently a playroom, but intended to be my Aliya’s room someday) has a blue turquoise wall that is so refreshing and calming.

Here’s some of the favorite photos from this blog… and the link:

101 minus 13th – For Good Night Sleep


I once read that the most valuable investments we can have is to have good beds (and bed sheets and pillows, for that matter). We should always reward ourselves with a good night sleep at the end of every hard day’s work. Come to think of it, having good bed as same with the rich people, I bet that I am better off than them when it’s time to sleep… cause I can sleep sounder with less worry (I hope).

That’s why I bought 2 quality beds for upstairs bedroom, plus lots of pillow cases and nice beddings…. I feel contended everytime I sleep there, and my kids are comfortable as well! And I have accomplished now my no. 98 on the 101 list. (see here other accomplished goals)

These are not yet the look of my bedrooms, but I like the combo of green and blue paint, nice for the monotonous blue color of our bedroom/playroom upstairs. And the subtle lavander bedroom on 2nd photo will look nice and warm if I will replace the purple color on my master’s bedroom’s wall.

House Project 2009


The house project of my parents are on the way… Except for some of the details on which they have decided on, the design is something that I have imagined before. The project dragged because of budget and budget… and as much as I want to pitch in “big-time,” but I could only give so much. The “rule” in getting the design done is… “whoever want something done, then let it be their bucks…” πŸ™‚
Well, I have some misgivings on that part…. I cannot really “demand” or at least suggest on the most instances…

But anyway, I saved the best of my suggestions for last….

Like the white tiles (and the vision of this homey living room):

The asian-inspired bedroom, something like this (if not the paded headboard, then it could be a folding divider):

the house is “open” (no partitions yet), but i hope to separate the bedroom and living room with this:

I like capiz shell lights like this:

This kitchen with nice bar:

And Mama would sure love this nice curtain:

The pocket of garden will (hope!) look like this (minus the steps):

or for small budget garden, this is also great:

Purple Bedroom…


Mine is a purple bedroom, but I feel it’s rather gloomy and lacks “drama”…. I want to add character to my bedroom and maybe this inspiration (picture below) is great. Anyway, since I have a long list of renovation and redecorating “to do’s” in “101 in 1001” then maybe I should start my project with my bedroom…

purple bed