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Instagram: 10 Reasons Why I’m into It


Hmmp… I’ve been “joining” the mobile enthusiasts lately… and that’s because of Instagram! I bet most of the people now is aware if this genius awesome app. Well, I’m not really into latest gadgets and celfone… my past 6 celfones (since the advent of celphones 20+ years ago, imagine 6!) are not the top-of-the-line and all were least popular. But now I have an iPhone4s and I never regretted to have “splurged” on this (actually I got it thru Globe plan, but with costly monthly subscription, but that’s ok). Maybe, I “waited” for best all-in-features celphone in years that’s why I never want to buy hi-tech celphone in the past (reason, reason… 🙂 )

Anyway, Instagram (and Flipboard and my mobile WordPress and online stock trading) are the reasons why I’m loving my IPhone4s. Here are my few thoughts about Instagram (or alibi why I’m hooked into it):

1. Handy photography – if one loves photography and can’t really bring along every time their bulky cameras… then this is your things. I snap photos anywhere and any subject without being too flashy or obvious or boasty. See this collection from “Gramfeed”

2. Collection of beautiful photos – if you are like me who has Flickr and Picassa accounts and have ventured the “Iheartit” site… then Instagram is the celfone version where to keep awesome photos of yours (it must be really your photos!), and accessible too in your PC or laptop. And you can organize it anytime, anywhere. I also choose nice shots taken by my Canon G11 and put it here. No, it’s not exclusive for “iphone” shots. See here.

3. Edit and filters – it has filters to improve the color, depth, shadow, lighting of photos. I only use the basics and I never overdo my photos, otherwise it might loss its originality and warmth. Some I leave it as “original” (See related article)

4. No ads, no pop-up – I actually read a blog about the founder of Instagram who never intend to commercialize this app and join the wagon and monetizing every click. It pays his good intention when it eventually been “monetized” bigtime when it was bought bigtime by FB… Inspiring article, I will post it here later.

5. Inspiration – one can find a lot of inspiration of subjects with fellow instagramers. The variety of interests are unending and so inspiring. Group of users are finding each others because of same interesting photos they see and appreciate.

by @abel_sjk in #depthclub

6. Talents – one need not be a professional photographer to be in here… but even simple mom, kid or everyday people realize that there is a “photographer” in us and we continue snapping shots of our own interest and loving it! (See one of my favorite instagrammers collection).

7. Realization that there’s beauty everywhere – One can find photos so beautiful that you realize that the same scenes are familiar to your naked eyes and always taking it for granted. Even simple scene can be a great subject, like train tracks, an old lady, post lamp, feet…

by @shelldf

8. “Friends” – this is a social network of talented photographers and simple people who are united in liking photography and life! This showcases collections of one’s photos (even of old photos from old cameras) that others truly appreciate. Likers and followers, I believe, are sincere about clicking the button “Like” and commenting if they are really feel so!

9. Warmth – This is how I feel in seeing others’ life through their own eyes. (Example is a simple shot of a foot while the she is resting on the grass and thinking about life and her goals, and another is a shot of kid enjoying bubbles)

by @thegirlwhobites

by @ayanah

10. Sincerity – This is what really comes to mind when a friend asked me what I love about Instagram. Sincerity of the users of having taken a shot of subjects they love, and sincerity of the “Likers” of choosing the best from each other’s collections, because they truly like it! Not all maybe, but at least I speak of myself and most of those Instagramers I “bumped” into.

by @karinagtti

There you go! I am not a techie-person… but suddenly I fell for my celfone and IG!

About my 34th of my 101: Traveling Feet


The traveling feet update…

I have recently updated my flickr account for my “traveling feet”… I have already posted 60+ but I still have more in my photo folders waiting to be posted, I know I can reach 101 photos… and these are the good ones (for me). I actually get tempted to post more than one picture per specific place, as there are so many stories that trigger by just showing those pavements or background. I actually became innovative, and sometimes do “somersault” on the grass, sidewalk or the soil just to capture the view. I wish I could someday blog each of these feet…

Here are the samples…

Bantay Bell Tower, Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Calle Burgos, Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Coron Palawan


Sentosa Singapore

Pasacao Beach, Bicol (with ALiya)

Today: Pebble in My Shoe…



I will condition myself to look on every problem I encounter today
as no more than a pebble in my shoe.
I remember the pain, so harsh I could hardly walk,
and recall my surprise when I removed my shoe….
and found only a grain of sand.

Cagsawa Ruin, Mayon Volcano, Daraga Albay Bicol, Nov 2011

I know it is not a pebble, but this picture seemed fit with the subject, while almost all of us worry about small things other people have bigger tragedy in their lives. The rock in the pic is one of those spewn by the volcano when it erupted in 1814 that killed almost 1200 Filipinos (see story)

Today Series: (13/22)

Since I read this wisdom, I have look at problems differently. I took comfort on this insights as I face some hurdles. A pebble in my shoe. Looking back now with those seemed to be big problems in the past, one can see that we all came through, and how menial is the issue now…

Paradise Found!


Club Paradise, Coron Palawan

What a paradise, literally! Club Paradise at Dimakya Island Coron Palawan.
A very awesome vacation treat given by our beloved office. A yearly getaway, but this time “minus” the kids… We regret to leave the kids, but it turned out its better that this paradise needs to be explored by Mom and Papi by themselves first… honeymoon again… :>
For just a glimpse of this beautiful place, here are my “tsamba” photos:

at the sunrise side of the beach (yes, there’s a sunset side and sunrise side, all in one island!)

peaceful and “all-by-ourselves”

the walk on the beach…

…the solitary boat, afternoon delight…

awesome planet…

the splendor of nature! the greatness of its Creator!

…we see to it that we watch every sunrise… and pray and be thankful!

More photos and kwento next time!

Sagada… The Amazing Adventure… Echo Valley


It’s been 3 months since we’ve been to SAgada mountain Province (wow, this is really a late post)… but when I think of it, I still feel the excitement and awe (and body aches) of all the things I have seen and experienced there. This is still the “ultimate adventure” in my list. While other places I’ve seen and visited are just as amazing, but SAGADA is where you’ll unravel the hidden beauty if you’re willing to give extra efforts yourself… and those efforts are not just a easy as just riding on a bumping jeep or just being lost in train stations… you need to really “work hard” to see SAGADA on its finest! I’ve realized that God is “stashing” somewhere His best and awesome creations for us to discover, so we can better appreciate once we stumble on it! (and by the way, while doing those “efforts”, I remembered praying most of time and talking to Him… Thanking HIM!):

This blog is to chronicle our 3-day first-ever adventure of “cousinhood”:

Long Ride to Sagada via Cabanatuan and Nueva Vizcaya:
We composed of 2 vans. Well, this was my “best” ride actually and they envied me… I SLEPT all the way from our garage up to Sagada town itself! Why? because it was April 16th, the day after the end of “tax-season” and i haven’t had a decent sleep for weeks, and the past 3 days-nights were almost no-sleep at all! So, sorry, while others are complaining about the long-ride, bumpy and twisting roads… Me, naah! zzzz…

AND I woke up at dawn in Sagada proper, revived and fresh!

Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins (and Cemetery)…
No need to waste the time, after breakfast, we head to our first destination, the Echo Valley… we thought, it’s just a visit to museum or park, where we just alight the van, the guide will talk and point interesting stuff, we roam and we leave… hindi pala, We have to trek the upward hill for minutes until we reach a cemetery. Wheew, i shouldn’t have wore this jacket, bonnet, shawl and extra shirt inside (ale-Baguio-attire-cold-weather-effect)… coz we perspired to the bone! and mind you, pavement pa ang trail. Anyways, I was not complaining… it’s just it’s not easy as we thought pala… But, when we get there, it was so peaceful… coz it’s their cemetery :> .. (interesting story here about how do the Igorots treat the dead)…

And we trekked some more to the hills and valley (hingal) to see the hanging coffins, didn’t realize we can come this close to the coffins, eerie, weird, knowing they are resting curling up there (yes, they told us that they are buried, i mean hung, in fetal position):

The first trek back and forth was tiresome (at least for me who is lacking exercise) but worth the visit.

… to be continued …