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Repost: Sto Nino de Bustos Church: Art by my Kuya Lito SJ


A repost from August 23 2010 entry… sharing again my Kuya’s Art…

From my Kuya Lito whom I am getting a lot of inspiration and advise and words of wisdom: Like..

“Its alright to start late… think of Vincent Van Gogh…” (about never give up on your dreams and taking action)

“Jump the cliff… you just build your wings on your way down”  (about taking courage on big decisions to make)

August 2010 post:

Just want to share the painting of my brother inspired by my photo of Sto Nino de Bustos Church at Bustos Bulacan:

see more of his works at:
Lito’s Abstract Horizon

Going back to art is not too late for me, I guess. Creativity needs to be tapped and practiced… I believe, there is no such thing as creativity in ideas… only in execution.

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My Brother’s Amazing Arts


My brother Kuya Lito is a great influence to me and an inspiration! He see’s life as one big canvass where the master can paint whatever, however he likes… with “total abandonment” if one chooses to…

His “mantras” are, among others:
“Begin with an idea and then it will become something else.” (quoted from Picasso)
“Every single day we woke up is another step towards our ultimate end….and it’s just up to us if we dread about it or look at it as a chance to live life to the fullest – one more time!” (own words)
“Jump off cliffs more often and build your wings on the way down!!!!……(though most of the times i wonder…why the hell did i jump?” (own words)
“Most of the time great things come out when you create with “total abandonment” – when you are not afraid to fail, when you don’t think about impressing others, when you don’t think about all those rules, when all you care about is – self expression”
“Just do it!” – by nike

Abstract Horizon

Sunset Jump Shots!


The pictures were taken at our favorite farm that witnessed a lot from our childhood days! Taken during sunset, that’s also our favorite time to play!

We just had a great, great time during and after our gift-giving activity, the day before Christmas! If there is one moment that I will choose to just “stood still,” this will be it! I came to believe that life is CREATED for moments like these. No other trimmings, no other frills and fuss, no fancy place and ambiance… but just laughs, fun, and great time… surrounded by family and loved ones and nature and blessings! (Made even better with the presence of my brothers Lito and RIcky and their kids, especially Chuko and Deanne plus Te Leli! – whom we have not seen for 10 years….)

Memories are made of these! Wow!