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Year of Exploring


This photo will remind me of how my 15yr old son starts to explore and “invade” the social media world. I know he is experementing and learning and excited about gaining new friends. I have apprehensions, as most moms have, but i will let him be. I hope I will be always there to guide and remind him of our values and virtues. I pray that he’ll not go “stray” ….


This photo is quite symbolic and timely. My son, when he turned off the light in his room, he saw this sunray effect on his eyeglass. He called me excitedly, like a little kid who found a treasure toy! He showed it to me with ardent delight… (at first I dont know what he was pointing at)… Apparently, it was his first time to see a sunlight streaming through his window (he usually go to school almost at dawn, and he sleeps late on weekends). Having this “grand” effect on his stuff, he was amazed literally, and it was a warm feeling (for me) looking at him, while he is trying to be “big” and “all-knowing” he is still my unassuming boy who appreciates simple and new things.

Today: Play it to the Fullest


I will pause whenever I am feeling sorry for myself today,
and remember that this is the only day I have and I must play it to the fullest.
What my part may signify in the great whole,
I may not recognize,
but I am here to play it
and now is the time.

QC Circle, March 2012

Today Series 20/22

Today: Whatever Life Offers….


I will work this day with all my strength,
content in the knowledge that life does not consist of wallowing in the past or peering anxiously at the future.
It is appalling to contemplate the great number of painful steps
by which one arrives at a truth so old, so obvious, and so frequently expressed.
Whatever it offers, little or much,
my life is now.

Travelling Feet, Bantayan Tower, Vigan, Ilocos, September 2011

TOday Series: 19/22

Today: Away from Temptation


I will turn away from any temptation today
that might cause me to break my word or my self-respect.
I am positive that the only thing I possess more valuable than my life
is my honor.

Vigan Church September 2011

Today Series: 18/22

Integrity from the root word “Integer” means whole, means 100%…

Today: Smile…Even When It Hurts….


I will keep a smile on my face and in my heart even when it hurts today.
I know that the world is a looking glass and gives back to me the reflection of my own soul.
Now I understand the secret of correcting the attitude of others
and that is to correct my own.

Lean and Staircase Art, Singapore MTR, August 2010

Today Series 17/22

Today: Don’t Cease to Grow….


I will never hide my talents.
If I am silent, I am forgotten, if I do not advance, I will fall back.
If I walk away from any challenge today, my self-esteem will be forever scarred,
and if I cease to grow, even a little, I will become smaller.
I reject the stationary position
because it is always the beginning of the end.

Vigan Ilocos Sur Sept 2011

Today Series 16/22

Today: Goals…


I will face the world with goals set for this day,
but they will be attainable ones,
not the vague, impossible variety declared by those who make a career of failure.
I realize that you always try me with a little, first,
to see what I would do with a lot.

ALiya’s profile by the bay, 2011

Today Series: 15/22