Part 2 of “Done That” series – Things I’ve done during my collage days! Looking back, I’m proud that I have experienced activism and learned a lot from it. I may not have entirely embraced the principles of socialism but I’m glad for those times because most of my life’s lessons came from the seeds sown during these days:

Directed a college stage play
Loved nationalist music
Learned to scrimp on my 5 pesos daily allowance (and still share them)
Ate on the street with farmers and workers
Joined peace caravan from UP going to Clarkfield (but went home every night, so that Mama will not miss me)
Joined rally at Mendiola and US Embassy
Been chased by anti-rally police
Experienced tear-gas many times
Run for university election, and lost
Attended activists concerts and shows
Done bus-to-bus solicitation
Attended UG schooling
Been briefly televised in an evening news marching in a rally
Read Mao tse-tung and Karl Marx writings
Been chased by university guards
Joined EDSA 2 rally at Ortigas (2001)

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