Part 1 – things I’ve done before my 25th birthday!
Things I’ve done out of silliness, curiosity, or challenge or just because I was there… I have done this either for fun or for a cause… either unpleasant or exciting or just plain ordinary, these are memorable and makes me “me”….

Seen Pope John Paul II on World Youth Day Manila
Collected stamps
Tried business when I was 8 with my 8 pesos
Had my love dedication (for papi) be read on a radio
Slept in a seminar (or trying very hard not to sleep)
Took a nap on the lawn of Washington DC Capitol (got so tired)
Orphaned a 6-month baby girl (together with my family)
Felt an earthquake (while in a moviehouse)
Took the NorthWest Airline promo by giving up my flight seat for $400 and a night stay in Japan
Touched a real-life painting of Vincent Van Gogh (La Mousme) and Paul Gaugin (Self-portrait)
Been in the garden shown in the movie “Heart and Souls”
Seen Les Miserables at Times Square NY
Wrote poems
Joined a Santacruzan (as sagala)
Passed through the Golden Gate Bridge, SF (which is actually red)
Touched the Liberty Statue (NY)
Toured the White House
Had an argument with a college teacher
Collected clowns
Been in a sinking small boat, got rescued by Kuya
Got lost in Nayong Pilipino when i was a kid
Tried to drive a big motorbike (semplang)
Rooftop picnic
Been an avid fan of Aga Muhlach (as in)
Tried MJ once and didn’t like it (tamang-asar)
Broken an ankle
Seen how a action movies are made
Seen JFK’s tomb
River cruise at LA
Island hopping at 100-Island Pangasinan
Slept on a tent in a mountain resort

Hey, there are more during my 1st quarter of my life! See “Done That” – Part 2 (my activist life)

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